New Winchester Christian Church


To the area

NWCC is easily accessible, located at the intersection of US 36 and State Rd 75, just a few minutes west of Danville, IN. You will not find a more loving group of people. There will always be a warm handshake or hug awaiting you. We take great pride in sharing the love of Christ to all who share our worship.

To organized religion

As you search for truth, never forget that God has an individual plan for your life that includes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That plan may be discovered in the Bible, God’s personal message to each of us. We teach and preach from the Bible and stand firmly upon it’s truth to change lives and offer hope.

To the faith

Growing in grace is just that; a growth process. Just like a garden, your faith has to be firmly planted, fed, watered, and given plenty of “Son” light. And like any process, it takes time and patience to realize a harvest. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone is growing in grace.

To the Church

Welcome to the family! You’re a part of a loving and caring group of people that laugh, cry, and share the ups and downs of life together. Learn your church leadership and how to make contact. The most important thing to remember; we’re here for one another. You are a vital part of this family of faith.



Sunday School 9:00am

Church Service 10:00am


53 S State Road 75

Danville, IN 46122


(765) 340-7561

Danville, IN 46122